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About Régler

In the lively streets of Amsterdam, where the echoes of ambition and innovation resonate through the canals, a revolution in the world of time and fashion has emerged. Kay and Thierry, two young entrepreneurs from Arnhem, set their sights on a bold adventure. Their paths crossed in 2018, in an environment where commerce and daily routine go hand in hand; a large retail store specializing in electronics. Here, among the shelves filled with phones and gadgets, a friendship flourished, grounded in a shared passion for watches.

This passion led to long conversations and profound discussions about the essence of style and individuality. Why, they wondered, are watches still categorized into men's and women's collections in a world that is increasingly focusing on the individual? It was a question that not only occupied them but also their customers. Kay and Thierry found the answer in 'Régler Watches', a brand that promises more than just a watch; Régler offers a manifesto for personal expression and inclusivity.

'Régler', meaning 'to adjust' or 'to adapt', symbolizes the core of their mission: to create watches that adapt to the wearer, not the other way around. With a background in technology sales, Kay and Thierry understand that the appeal of a product lies not only in what it does but also in how it reflects the user's identity. Their watches do not distinguish between genders or styles; they center on the versatility of the human spirit.

The duo is putting their all into making 'Régler' a new concept. With start-up capital compiled from savings and a small army of courage, they established Régler Watches in Amsterdam, a city known for its open-minded residents and innovative entrepreneurial climate. Here, with a modest dream, Kay and Thierry began the journey to make their vision a reality.

Régler's designs reflected the elegance of the French style, mixed with the robust reliability of Dutch craftsmanship. Each watch is equipped with a Japanese quality Quartz movement, known for its precision and durability, and made from materials that not only passed the ROHS tests but also won the trust of wearers. The pricing reflected Dutch virtue: quality and style should be accessible to everyone.

The launch of 'Régler' is more than a business venture; it is a movement. With 'AMS | PAR' in their logo, Kay and Thierry pay tribute to the cities that shaped their vision: Amsterdam, for its innovative spirit, and Paris, for its timeless elegance. Their watches are not just timekeepers; they are symbols of a new era, where personal freedom and expression form the true luxury.

As 'Régler' grows, so does the community around it. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds embrace the brand, drawn by the promise of a product that does not box them in but gives them the freedom to be who they truly are. Kay and Thierry have not just built a company with a beautiful idea; they have sparked a dialogue about the meaning of individuality in the modern world. With this dialogue, the duo aims to co-create watches with the community, truly making their vision a reality.

And so, against all odds, two young men from the Netherlands have proven that age is just a number and that true innovation comes from the heart. 'Régler' is not just a brand; it is a testament to the power of friendship, vision, and the unstoppable human urge to change the world, one watch at a time.

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